More on Iceland

25 08 2010

Did you know that there are 1.47 sheep for every human in Iceland and in 1980 there were 3.65 sheep for every Icelander?
There are however 4.14 persons per Icelandic horse and about 12 of us per milking cow.  More along those lines here.

On another note, here I saw that the Penis museum in Húsavík was voted the second mosts horrifying museum in the World.  I checked out the museum in this post and thought it was kind of cute …or maybe cute isn’t the right word… interesting is more like it – but definitely not horrifying.

My friend Natasha just posted her first piece on Iceland –Iceland 101, Part 1: Reykjavík – so check that out!

If anyone is interested in Iceland and has some questions just shoot and I’ll try to answer any questions in the comments.

Photos from around Iceland

4 08 2010

We just came back from another great trip around Iceland where we  were accompanied by a great couple from Switzerland – Bob and Natasha.  Natasha posted a few fantastic photos from the trip on her blog so go check them out by clicking here!

I’m sure she’ll post some more stuff from her trip to Iceland, I’ll be checking her site and will let you guys know.