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25 08 2010

Did you know that there are 1.47 sheep for every human in Iceland and in 1980 there were 3.65 sheep for every Icelander?
There are however 4.14 persons per Icelandic horse and about 12 of us per milking cow.  More along those lines here.

On another note, here I saw that the Penis museum in Húsavík was voted the second mosts horrifying museum in the World.  I checked out the museum in this post and thought it was kind of cute …or maybe cute isn’t the right word… interesting is more like it – but definitely not horrifying.

My friend Natasha just posted her first piece on Iceland –Iceland 101, Part 1: Reykjavík – so check that out!

If anyone is interested in Iceland and has some questions just shoot and I’ll try to answer any questions in the comments.



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16 09 2010

Hi Orn, great travel blog. I found it while researching travel to Iceland. I’ve always wanted to see glaciers, geysers, hot springs, and a place that gets 20+ hours of daylight. Oh and I’d love to ride Icelandic horses! I used to read about them when I was young.

I was looking up some guided trips, such as intrepid travel. Do you recommend going that route or just getting a lonely planet guide and doing it myself? I’d probably be traveling with a friend of mine so there would be 2 of us.

Thanks, and good luck on your travels!

17 09 2010

Hi Andrea
I think that you would be better off with a guide book (and a rental car) than doing an organized trip – that is at least my opinion. I would think that most of the organized tours are overpriced and you won’t get that authenticity that at least I look for. Granted that you will be sure to see all the most popular spots but you’ll not have the chance go at your own pace. This summer for instance, all the popular bus stops that we visited where a bit over crowded but you only have to go a bit off the main track to see something similar and have the place all for your self.
If you are looking for 24 hours of sunlight you’ll have to come around 20th of June. I would recommend coming in July though for the best weather.
If you have more questions just shoot and I’ll try to answer quickly.
All the best
– Ö r n –

13 06 2011

Hi Orn-

We finally have our travel plans. My friend and I will be in Iceland July 2nd-11th. We don’t have any plans other than plane tickets at this point though. We’ve been looking at guide books and have found lots of things we want to see, but we’re most interested in going off the main track and seeing things all to ourselves, as you said. Can you help us out with some suggestions? Your pictures of ‘the crack’ are awesome! We like hiking and outdoorsy activities, and my friend is big into photography.


25 06 2011

I have to admit that I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to travelling around Iceland :( If you want to get off the beaten path I would suggest visiting some of the national parks and talk to the guards there. They have immense amount of knowledge about their areas. If you want to escape the crowds – go as far away from Reykjavík as you can :) Regarding hiking and photography I don’t think you can do anything wrong there – there are so many fantastic places were you can hike and the whole country is a Kodak moment :)

28 09 2010

Hello! I have just returned from a trip to Iceland and loved it. I have lots of questions, but one right now keeps popping into mind — Do you know the story behind the statue of the riderless horse in downtown Reykjavik? It looks like it has a couple of timbers tied to it. Thanks!

28 09 2010

The statue is where caravans from the country-side used to stop in Reykjavík. Close by was a popular well where the horses were kept and watered. The statue was created as a token of appreciation to the Icelandic horse.

3 06 2011
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