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My name is Örn Þórðarson (Orn Thordarson), a thirty-something Icelander.  I’m currently traveling with my wife in South East Asia and the plan is to visit Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong and China in four months before returning to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Prior to this trip I was in a MBA program at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.  My background is in Computer Science but I’ve been working in the financial sector for almost ten years.  After the trip the plan is to go back to Iceland and settle there again after two years abroad.

It had always been our dream to go on a long trip to South East Asia but due to work and other responsibilities there was never any time.  Due to the current financial crisis options for recent MBA graduates were more limited than before.  In that light we decided to use the opportunity to realize our dream and go on this journey.  I hope that you will enjoy it with us :)

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2 01 2011
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