What to pack?

On this page I intend to keep an updated list of items that we packed, should have packed and should have left out.  After the trip I will update the page again with the items I would pack next time we travel.

First here is a link to the my original post about the luggage

Below is a list of what I packed and I will strike over the things that I haven’t used and don’t think that I’ll use.

First of all I have a 55 litre back-pack, which is just about right – I think.  I also have a day pack that fits into the big one and a handbag for the netbook, camera, money and other stuff.  I have space bags for all the clothes and they have been a big hit and I have small bags for all the other stuff so I basically have 4-5 bags in my back-pack – not small stuff all over – and it works out great.  Anyway let’s get on with the list…


  • Toothbrush + paste
  • Roll-on + Face creme + Soap
  • Disposable razor x 2 + Small shaving foam
  • Hair & nail cutters
  • Aloe Vera creme for sunburn
  • Fast drying towel
  • Contact lenses + sunglasses + ear plugs
  • Cotton sleeping bag and toilet paper …just in case.

Clothes for everything from the beaches in Thailand to the mountaintops in China

  • Underwear x 3 2 + socks x 2 1
  • Speedos + surfer shorts
  • Shorts + long pants
  • Flip Flops + (Hiking) shoes
  • Fleece sweater (one thin, one slightly thicker)
  • t-shirt x 3 2 + polo shirt + wife beater
  • Shirts x 3 1 (one dress-up)
  • Poncho + Buff + Kangaroo hat

Stuff for entertainment or to dodge some curve-balls

  • Pencil + Pen + Block of paper
  • USB key + USB cable
  • Swiss army knife + Spork
  • Gaffer tape + Flash light + Telescope
  • Waist wallet
  • Camera + battery + tripod
  • Lonely Planet guide + Guide to China
  • Locks x 2 (small and large)
  • Sawing kit + Plastic bags + Plastic straps
  • Big bungee cord (laundry line)
  • Water tight bag + Small air tight box
  • Net-book + charger
  • Phone + charger
  • iPod + charging cord
  • Multi-electric socket
  • Deck of cards + Games (Ludo, Backgammon)
  • Journal + Fiction book

Medicine cabinet.  Here I won’t cross anything out as you hope you won’t use any of it but keep it just in case.

  • malarone, siprox, norfloxin, imodium, canesten, mildison, monotrim
  • loritin, ibufen and panodil
  • Thermometer and latex gloves
  • Anti bite, bite relief and mouth wash

The clothes section is where I think I made the most mistakes.  Let’s not forget that you can buy everything here in SE Asia and it is fun to buy a few t-shirts or Cambodian pants or what ever you need so less is definitely better.  I’m also having second thoughts about stuff I bought before the trip like a water tight bag for the camera or iPod and the poncho and some other items.  We have seen that every time we need such stuff there are plenty of people trying to sell them to you at very good prices.  So pack as light as you can and you can be sure that you can buy most of the things you need on the road.

I just found a good link on what to pack on the Lonely Planet Forums – Click here.

If you have any comments or questions, please shoot!

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