Book reviews

This page provides an index to the book reviews that I have written here on the blog.  Just click on the book title to go into the critique itself.  From the table you can also see if I liked the book or not.

:|   Indicates that I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the book.
:)   Indicates that I liked the book.
:(   Indicates that I didn’t like the book.

Type Book Author
Autobiography The Damage Done Warren Fellows :)
Business Sofandi að feigðarósi Ólafur Arnarson :|
Business Winning Jack Welsh :)
Business The Big Switch Nicholas Carr :)
Business Blue Ocean Strategy W.C. Kim & R. Mauborgne :)
Fiction The Catcher in The Rye J.D. Salinger :(
Politics The Way of the World Ron Suskind :)
Religion Wake Up a Life of the Buddha Jack Kerouac :|
Religion The God Delusion Richard Dawkins :)
Science/Religion A Brief History of Time Stephen W. Hawking :)
Self help Wisdom Walk Sage Bennet :)
Travel Lost on Planet China J. Maarten Troost :|
Travel Lonely Planet – South East Asia on a Shoestring various authors :(

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2 04 2010
A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking « Orn's Travel Blog

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23 04 2010

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