Three months of blogging

12 03 2010

I noticed that I’m closing in on 3,000 visitors to the blog, excluding those that read the blog on facebook, after just over three months of blogging.  The blog will probably go over the 3,000th visitor mark today or tomorrow ;)  In celebration I went out and bought my self my own domain.  You can now use the to get to my blog.

It has really surprised me how much I like to blog and seeing that people are reading my stuff.   I would be very happy if you would help me spread the word around so I could reach an even wider audience.  Just point people to and I’ll try to take care of the rest.

I really want to get my readers more engaged and have them comment more and I’ll have to find a way to do that.  I have heard from a few but would like to hear from some others. 

Are there any topics that you would like discussed here?  Is there anything you would like to know about South East Asia or China as we head there?  I’ll be happy to write about any topic and offer my opinion and maybe first hand knowledge.  Just send me a comment in any language – I’ll use Google translator if I don’t understand the language my self :)



3 responses

26 03 2010
Natasha De Bernardi

Well, I have a question. What about the more practical stuff? For example, when do you find time to write so much, and where do you access the internet to post everything? Access must be good and frequent, since you post a lot of pictures and videos, too. And how do you keep your stuff safe, especially your computer which you can’t bring with you everywhere? Just wondering… Natasha

27 03 2010

Hi Natasha
Thanks for the comment. I’ve received a few questions on bringing the computer with me. I’ve now posted on the subject here:
All the best
– Ö r n –

10 06 2010

Vildi bara þakka fyrir snilldar blogg.. Ég hef sérstaklega gaman af “greiningum” og hagnýtum upplýsingum á borð við “what to pack”, “how much does it cost to backpack”, “losses and gains”, “blogging on the road” og fleiru í þeim dúr.. ;)

Keep up the good work!

Miðað við áhugaverða pistla og hversu vel skrifandi þú ert held ég að þú gætir haft tekjur af því að ferðast um heiminn og blogga..


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