From Hong Kong to Beijing

8 04 2010

On our second day in Hong Kong we had planned to take an open air double decked bus tour around the city.  When we woke up the weather would have nothing of it though.  It was raining and kind of cold so for the first time during our trip the weather made us change our plans and first we went to the Hong Kong museum of Art and then we went shopping.  I have never seen so many shops anywhere and the luxury brand stores here will make even Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich blush!

In the evening we saw the Symphony of Lights, a fabulous light-show where the sky-scrapers on Hong Kong island are the main actors.  The lights on the sky-scrapers dance to the rhythm of a specially composed music and you can kind of see the character of the sky-scrapers on how they dance.  Some are shy and minimalistic while others are cocky and a bit of a show-off and everything between. 

This morning we took the short flight to Beijing and landed in Beijing in the afternoon.  The weather in the capital was nice and the temperature was about thirty degrees hotter than when we flow through in January.  We have been quite impressed with the Chinese so far.  People have seemed cheerful and there is a pleasant wibe everywhere we have been. 

The taxi drives tried to scam us though.  We knew that we should pay 15 Yuan ($2) from the train station to our hostel but they didn’t want to talk to us for less than 100 Yuan.  We met two girls that told us they paid 300 Yuan ($45) for a ride that was supposed to be 20 Yuan.  Fortunately we found a tourist information office that helped us out.  It shows what we knew that you have to know everywhere what is the right price to pay for things or else you will be overcharged.

In the evening we went to a touristy night market that sold food and snacks from all over China.  On offer were for example grilled snakes and scorpions and worms, lamb testicles and penises, pig kidneys and hearts and cow stomachs and many other mouth-watering dishes.  We were not so adventurous and had fried dumplings, chicken pancakes, Chinese hamburgers and deep-fried ice-cream for dessert.  All of the dishes we tried were very delicious.  Hopefully we’ll go again and perhaps we’ll be more adventurous then ;)



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8 04 2010
Tim M

What kind of taxis were you talking to? They must have been illegal taxis right? Cause marked taxis have a meter, so they couldn’t possibly charge you 100 yuan, unless they drove you around in circles for a few hours.

9 04 2010

Yes they were regular legal taxis with a meter so I’m assuming that they would just go in circles, which would be easy since we don’t really have any sense of direction. The correct price is 10 Yuan for the first 3 km. and then 2 Yuan per km. so yes they would have to drive for a long time (or use some tricks on the meter).

8 04 2010

Vá, grillaðir sprðdrekar..gæti smakkast vel, og lamseistu en typpi eða ormar þar myndi ég setja mörkin… vorið færist sífellt nær hér heima ( samt enn hægt að fara á skíði ). Bestu kveðjur! : )

9 04 2010

Snilldarblogg hjá þér. Rakst inn á þetta um daginn og finnst virkilega gaman að lesa um hvað þið eruð að gera og skoða þau góðu ráð sem að þú sendir framtíðar-ferðalöngum.
Ég sjálfur er að hugsa um að fara í ferðalag um nánast sömu slóðir næsta vetur ásamt nokkrum öðrum svo að ég mun fylgjast vel með þessari síðu áfram.

kv. Arnar

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