Two months on the road

6 03 2010

On Monday there are eight weeks since we left Iceland.  Well actually there will at be 563 days or 1 year, 6 months and 14 days since we moved from Iceland to Switzerland but we have been for two months on this particular trip :)

So what is the difference between traveling and staying at home? What have we been missing on during those two months?  Here are ten things that come to mind:

  • I haven’t cleaned anything – neither dishes nor my room nor done laundry (except my underwear)
  • I haven’t stayed in one bed for longer than five nights
  • I haven’t watched TV for longer than a minute
  • I haven’t worn any shoes except flip-flops
  • I haven’t spoken on the phone
  • I haven’t listened to the radio
  • I haven’t cooked …anything
  • I haven’t opened any bills
  • I haven’t used hair gel
  • I haven’t driven a car

So what have we been doing if not the above things?  What things couldn’t we do at home?

  • We have eaten a frog
  • We have slept on the beach
  • We have ridden an elephant
  • We have travelled on a motorcycle
  • We have gotten tailor made clothes
  • We have swum with a flock of squids (and in three different oceans)
  • We have seen silkworms turned into cloth
  • We have encountered Black Cobras in the forest
  • We have visited some of the most impressive temples in the world
  • We have seen some of the saddest manifestations of human cruelty



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