Back on the coast

25 02 2010

We are back on the coast, off the route map on the right, in Nha Trang to be exact.  You can locate it on Google Maps by clicking here.  Nha Trang is like Benidorm’s kid sister, it is a long long beach with pristine waters.  Along the beach you have a bunch of hotels and restaurants and tourist shops but as you get further from the beach you can find some “real” people, shops and stuff.  There are a few mega hotels here and at least three are being built so I suspect that in a few years the beach will be covered with mega hotels and resorts just like Benidorm in Spain.  The town even has its own amusement park – Vinpearl Island – situated on an island just off the coast that is connected to the mainland with a cable car line.  And the park has all the attractions that an amusement park needs.

We have been here for two days already and have had plenty to do.  There are beautiful Cham towers here in the middle of town that we loved exploring.  The Cham people or the Champa kingdom flourished from the second century to the fifteenth.  They fought the Khmers and the Vietnamese back in the day but not they are a small minority here in Vietnam.

We also went on a snorkeling tour this morning where we sailed around the islands out of Nha Trang (they have seventy one of them laying around) and snorkeled at the best spots.  There was a lot of beautiful coral and a lot of different tropical fish.  We were most impressed with a few Squids that we spotted – they looked mega cool!

To celebrate my birthday last week we went to a spa where we had a body scrub, massage and a facial.  The treatment was absolutely wonderful and we feel absolutely rejuvenated.  Since we are always getting better and better in haggling about prices we got a free foot massage on top of our treatment and went for that today and it was heavenly.  You should all go and get one!

Tomorrow the plan is to do absolutely nothing but soak up the sun.  The beaches are getting fewer and fewer on our trip so we really need to use the opportunity.  Our next stop will probably be Hoi An, which is famous for the many tailors that operate there.  We are still pondering what to have made for us and all suggestions are welcome.  What will be fashionable in the coming months?  What are the celebrities wearing?  Any ideas???



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23 04 2010
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