Wisdom Walk by Sage Bennet, PhD

19 02 2010

WisdomWalk A full name of the book is: Wisdom Walk – Nine Practices for Creating Peace and Balance from the World’s Spiritual Traditions.  This is not the kind of book that I would typically read – or even been seen holding for that matter.  Elínborg was given the book before we went to Asia and in the spiritual atmosphere that clearly persist here I was intrigued by the fact that I could learn about eight different religions in one book – so I grabbed it, read it, and ended up really liking it (but don’t tell anyone).

The book is written by Sage Bennet.  On hr credit list she has a doctorate in Philosophy, she has been a minister for eight years, she has thought classes on religious matters in universities across the United States for twenty five years and she has a private practice offering spiritual counseling and coaching. So we can assume that she has given the subject a bit of thought :)

The book is divided into nine chapters and in each chapter the author talks about one religion and highlights one wisdom taken from that particular religion.  In the last chapter she talks about a wisdom that she claims comes from all the eight religions. The religions and wisdoms that the author has selected are:

  • From Hinduism – Create a home altar.
  • From Buddhism – Meditate and find peace.
  • From Islam – Surrender to prayer.
  • From Christianity – Forgive your self and others.
  • From Judaism – Make time for Sabbath.
  • From Native American Spiritualism – Let nature be your teacher.
  • From Taoism – Go with the flow.
  • From New Thought – Catch God’s vision of your life.
  • From all traditions – Offer your self in service to others.

The author takes the reader on a spiritual journey where each wisdom step is explained and examples given, both from the authors life and others, on how that particular wisdom step can help us in the spiritual life or to put is simply how this wisdom step can help us with the things that happen within our own heads.  It is difficult to explain properly the content of the book but I just want to stress that this is not about some mumbo jumbo mystic dance around the fire stuff but small steps that we can make in our lives to gain more balance and stability in our lives – believe it or not :)

Now as I said in the beginning, I never thought that I would be interested in a book like that but I really enjoyed reading it and I’m sure that I will use some of the wisdom steps in my own life when we come back home from Asia.  I think that before I read the book I didn’t really know what was meant by the word spiritualism and just dismissed it as “some nonsense” but at least now I know.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has an open mind and is interested in learning about different religions and if you have any interest in spiritual things, this book should definitely be for you.



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19 02 2010
Magga mamma

This sounds good for me. This is exactly the kind of books I´m reading these days. I´m looking forward to read it.

20 02 2010

We are so dependent on rational thought that we forget that a lot of things in life are not explained through science as we know it. And there is always a choice between learning a bit more or ignoring something or writing something off. Its good that you are stepping outside your comfort zone – perhaps thats one one learns most.

20 02 2010

Wisely said :)

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