Angkor area

5 02 2010

We bought a three day pass to the Angkor area as there are over 100 temples to look at in the area.  We have been busy all day from early morning to “late” in the evening for two days now and have been loving every minute of it.

We are still as much in love with the Cambodians as on the first day.  The people are just wonderful and extremely happy and they are easy to communicate with since almost all of them speak very good English.  According to where we have traveled, both here and in the past, there seems to be a correlation between how little money people have and how happy they seem.

For tomorrow morning we have saved the crown jewel – Angkor Wat at dawn.  Therefore I’m going to leave this post short and I promise to give a full update with a lot of pictures next time we have a long bus ride :)

There are striking news from ABT were we found the Backgammon board again.  We had kind of agreed to cancel the backgammon series since Elínborg only just learned the game and thought that she didn’t stand a chance, even though she won the first game (with my help).  So we agreed and kind of assumed that I would win the next game and then we could retire the backgammon board.  So we stared playing and Elínborg won not once but twice so she is leading the backgammon part by three victories to null.  Quite impressive ;)

I just updated the map on the right so check that out!
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7 02 2010
The magnificent Angkor « Orn's Travel Blog

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14 03 2010

Go Elínborg í spilakeppninni!

Það er satt, eignir hafa lítið með hamingju og gleði að gera öðruvísi en að þær auðvelda afkomu. Við erum að læra það hérna heima, “the hard way”.
Getið verið fegin að vera laus undan þeirri umræðu ;-D.

Varðandi myndina held ég að þetta sé sami staður og var notaður í Toombraider með Angelinu Jolie. Sibbi kvikmyndagúrú stendur því miður á gati…hehe.

Rosa flottar styttur og bara umhverfi þarna…..langar að fara í svona ferð…

Knús Nína Brá

26 09 2014

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