Out of Bangkok

16 01 2010

We had three good days in Bangkok but at the same time were ready to leave when the time came. We had explored the neighborhood, seen the magnificent Grand Palace, visited Buddha temples, seen Buddha in all his seven positions (laying, standing, kneeling, etc.), gotten out of two scams and gotten friskier with the local food so we felt ready to take on Thailand!

Part of The National Museum

Part of The National Museum

Both scams were quite interesting in a way. One we had heard of from other blogs and travel books. We met a nice guy that wanted to help us to get to where we were going. We didn’t quite know where we were going but that didn’t knock him down. After a while we told him we wanted to see the Royal Palace and also the tourist office across the street. He told us that today the King would be at the Palace and the tourist office would be close until later in the day because they all wanted to salute the King. We should go and see some other Buddha that he knew of. He also told us that today the King was giving out petrol and therefore we shouldn’t pay more than 20 baht (50 cent) for any Tuk Tuk today. Right on cue a Tuk Tuk arrives and the driver carries a map which our friend uses to show us where this Buddha of his is located. They talk a bit and the driver offers to drive us to the Buddha for the 20 baht. We had already realized that something was fishy in this story so we just walked away saying we wanted to check for our selves. We walked across the street to the tourist office and there everything was in full swing and at the Palace it seemed like a normal day, not that we know what a normal day is like there but you know…

The other scam was a school book example as well, we met an old old lady that was attending the pigeons. She wanted us to take small bags of corn from her and give to the birds. When we didn’t want the bags she managed somehow to hang them on me and told me to give the corn to the pigeons which we did. When we had emptied the bags she demanded 150 baht from us (5 USD). After haggling with her a bit I paid her 7 baht and off we went.

I wouldn’t say that the scams were entertaining, well maybe the first one, but at least a bit of an experience and teaches us to be careful and take nothing for granted. At least we got off easy this time.

As I said, we have been getting friskier with the food here. We have tried some street food and snacks and everything has been really tasty. We are not eating insects or some unidentified things yet but who knows, that might come later. We have been tasting the regular Thai food like fried rice, noodles and curries and have had some Indian food as well and as I said, everything has been very good. The price on the street is about one-third of what you pay at a restaurant where you pay about 120 baht ($4) for one of those above mentioned traditional dishes. I have been a bit surprised with the price of beer here. It costs about $2 a bottle, even at seven-eleven-, which is more than in the stores both the US and Switzerland. It seems that the Thai people are on the same boat as Icelanders in breaking the universal code among men to offer cheap beer to the masses.

We left Bangkok in a VIP night bus – no less – heading towards Chumphon in the south. The bus was a nice double-decker, quite comfortable, so we were able to sleep most of the way. When in Chumphon we took a big catamaran that took us to the island of Ko Tao where we are now. Ko Tao is on of three famous islands in the Gulf of Thailand and is mostly sought out by divers. The atmosphere in the boat was quite special. Since the sea was moving a bit, people were puking all over the boat but others didn’t seem too distracted and slept the whole way. We kept somewhere in between the two groups, partly sleeping and somewhat nauseous but without getting too sick.

…and now the sport section. We have started an Asian Board-game Tour (ABT) and at first the tour will include Ludo, Backgammon and a diced Scrabble. A couple of rounds have already been played and the score so far are as follows

Ludo 1 2
Backgammon 1 0
Scrabble 0 1

On Ko Tao we rented a very basic bungalow near the ocean for two nights and headed straight for the beach. We’ll get back in touch when we’ve seen more of the island than just our beach and the coral reefs beyond :)
The view from the bungalows on Ko Tao

The view from the bungalows on Ko Tao

For those of you reading this from facebook – please drop by the blog as well for a few extra features.  We are so interested in who are reading the blog and we can’t see any statistics on facebook :(  

Looking forward to hearing from you!
– Ö r n  and  E l í n b o r g –



7 responses

16 01 2010

Þetta lítur ekkert smá vel út, væri til í að vera þarna með ykkur.

16 01 2010

Komið þið bara, þetta er alveg málið. Hlýtur að vera betra að vera hér í hitanum með ólétta konu heldur en í kuldanum í Danmörku. Ég er ekki viss um að við komum til baka héðan ;)

17 01 2010

I did enjoy buddaview bungalows when I was there. Did a course with them, rentet scouters and really enjoyed koh tao. Hope your are enjoying your time :o)

19 01 2010

Yeah Koh Tao was nice, I think that we see now that we left too soon. It is right what you said about just enjoying the places you really like and keep up the pace when you don’t. I guess it takes a bit to learn though because we just want to have it all :)

18 01 2010

Hello Örn.

Very nice to read from your trip. Keep on posting.
But first of all:

Thank you for the great picture that arrived here. We’ve been to an impressionism exhibition on the same day and I must say that your not far away from the Monets we saw ;)
The reason I write a bit late is that I wanted to send you a photograpy with the picture on the wall, but that will take a while longer as the right frame has quite a bit of delivery time.

Have fun in Thailand and whereever else you go and say Hi to Elinborg.

19 01 2010

Hey Bernhard

Thank you very much for the complement. It is great fun to paint and I hope to do a lot more when I get back home. Hopefully you’ll get rich by owning an “early Thordarson” ;) I’m really looking looking forward to seeing it on the wall, the pictures always look so much better when framed.

All the best from Had Yao
– Ö r n –

26 06 2013
Schwingen In Switzerland

Thanks for posting about travel scams. I think such posts can help save future travelers headaches. We tried to post as many as we could. http://schwingeninswitzerland.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/scams-part-deux/

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