We are on our way !!!

10 01 2010

Finally we are on our way to Asia.  We are now in London sipping beers while waiting for our 10 hour flight to Beijing – and then 5 hours to Bangkok.

Elínborg ready for anything

Elínborg ready for anything

It was obvious that security has been enhanced after that guy blew off his nuts the other day in the States. We had to wait for about 40 minutes before being able to go through the security gate in Keflavík (Iceland), which is unheard of and at Heathrow we can see more policemen around than normal.  I would therefore advice anyone travelling these days to arrive a bit earlier to the airport than usual.

We had our first shock of the trip when we were checking in to the Beijing/Bangkok flight. The lady at the desk said that we needed a Visa to Thailand since we didn’t have any documents showing that we would be leaving in 30 days. Tourists do not need visas for the first 30 days in Thailand but after that we need a visa – or drive across the border and back in. She made some phone calls and finally checked us in. I just hope that doesn’t cause us problems on arrival in Bangkok. If so, we’ll just have to buy us a flight to Siam Reap in Cambodia that leaves before the 30 days are up and show that as proof.  We are though getting less and less worried with each passing beverage ;)

Until next time – all the best to everyone!



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12 01 2010
Stebbi Ben

Mun fylgjast með,góða ferð og farið ykkur ekki að voða,sjáumst í vor :)

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